My Life Compass: Coaching Methodologies for Personal Development

Short Description:

This workshop gives you tools and resources which support a better understanding from a holistic point of view on the difficulties you may have been facing and the successes you have reached until today. Then we will give you the time to reflect on achievements and find places for improvement, we will also set goals and draw an action plan which shows clarity on how to achieve what you wish to improve.

Learning goals: 

  • To understand the concept of well-being and its application to your life,
  • To use the wheel of life and analyze its areas, as a support to take a conscious decision in life,
  • To use well-being methodologies to analyze your overall development,
  • To construct clear goals and objectives for the future,
  • To plan out your own development through conscious decisions

Well-being side-effects (results):

By understanding your well-being, you are understanding which areas of life are succeeding and which need improvement. That way, you develop an awareness of what needs to be maintained and what needs change or improvement.

With our workshop, you will have a clear idea, developed by you, which will show you how important different areas of life are for you at the moment you are now.

Understanding your own well-being will lead you to more conscious decisions and acceptance of who you are and what you can do to become a better individual and professional, in relation to your level of satisfaction and your relationships with others.

By setting goals and developing an action plan you will save money, time and energy in activities that might not contribute to your well-being. Saving those valuable resources will allow you to focus on what is really important to improve your lifestyle and become a more confident and happier person, overall.

Target audience:

Anyone willing to take another perspective on life and plan for a balanced life.

Required prerequisite knowledge: 

No specific knowledge is needed for this session. Just an open mind and willingness to approach life from a different point of view.

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27 May 2021

Local Time

  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: 27 May 2021






  • Mara Rodrigues
    Mara Rodrigues
    Youth trainer

    Mara has been training in the field of youth for the past 7 years, with experience in project management, youth participation and support of the development of individuals. Most recently, she invests her time in raising awareness of the importance of physical and mental health, implementing workshops on positive thinking, well-being and coaching methodologies for personal and professional development of individuals and institutions. With Mara, your ideas can turn real, if you set the right goals, understand the resources you have and analyze the resources you need. Her motto: “Be careful what you wish for because if you believe in it, it has the power to turn into reality”. Want to give it a try?

  • Stephan van de Ven
    Stephan van de Ven
    Soft skills trainer & Life coach

    Stephan is the person that helps you get closer to your goals, objectives and dreams. He has been training in the youth training field for over 5 years and applying coaching for already 3 years. As a coach, he is specialized in a solution-oriented and person-centred approach. You reach out to Stephan when you are looking at making the next step in your life.
    During his training sessions, you will work on your current situation and getting your team/group to the desired outcomes.
    During his coaching sessions, you will build your personal accountability and along the way getting yourself a step closer to realizing your dreams and goals.
    During his facilitation sessions, you will be focusing on getting to know one another a lot better, creating new relationships, deepening them and new connections.
    Whatever the context, with Stephan you will take the first step, keep him on board and you will surely make a few!

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