Adaptive expertise in Learning design (21.01 18:00)


Adaptive expertise can be defined as the ability to adapt to uncertain, complex and novel situations while optimally problem-solving in routine situations. Explicit connection of “what” knowledge with “why” helps to create a mental framework that supports the development of adaptive expertise. Small changes in the learning environment can support the development of adaptive expertise. During this session, we explore the relevance of this topic for the trainings you deliver through dialogue and reflection and work towards concrete implementation of the concept in your own training practice.

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By the end of the session participants will be able to:

  • apply the adaptive expertise concept by making clear connections between “what” and “why” knowledge in a training session or lesson
  • evaluate how different elements of your own training sessions or lessons can be adapted to reinforce the connection between “what” and “why”

Trainer: Paul de Roos

Paul de Roos, a Neurology resident with a Pedagogical subspecialisation. 15 years of experience as a trainer, including training event design and delivery and educator in an academic setting with various teaching roles. The topic I am delivering on, is prepared because it has a current relevance to me and purpose of preparing and delivering is to increase my expertise while I share key learnings with wider training community.

Prior knowledge required

Prior knowledge: being an educator or trainer, with some experience

Length: 2,5h

Track: Learning design

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