Artificial Intelligence in Education (23.01 18:00)


If Data Science is the sexiest job of the XXI century, Artificial Intelligence (or AI for short) is, simultaneously, one of its most promising and intimidating aspects.
What is behind the “buzzword”? How can people and organizations, regardless of their background, start positioning themselves to make the most of the potentials it can unleash?
In this session, we’ll discover more about AI and see practical examples that impact our daily life and especially the field of learning and education.

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By the end of the session participants will:

  •  explain in simple words what AI is
  • classify different AI areas, categories and some known models
  • summarize the concepts of ethics in AI, black-box models and the importance of explainability
  • make use of presented state-of-art examples by reflecting in possible opportunities to use AI in their educational (or other) projects
  • outline some benefits and dangers of AI

Trainer: Gonçalo Carito

Gonçalo Carito works as a Data Scientist at Siemens Mobility. He is also a trainer and consultant in this area, in code programming and digital skills. With more than six years of experience in Data Science, he worked in different areas of applicability such as marketing and advertising, speech processing, transport systems and mobility, education, and cognitive science.
He is also an experienced trainer in other skills of importance for data science but also for personal and professional development. As an example, critical thinking, communication, self-leadership, emotional intelligence and empathy, decision making, creativity, and innovation.
He is a speaker trained by Toastmasters International.


Gonçalo is a very knowledgeable and skillful trainer. He works his resources to simplify very technical and geeky content at a joyful rhythm, making everyone feel comfortable, interested, and included in the journey of learning. Very passionate about the topics and always easy-going and receptive to all questions and challenges.

Flávio Matos

I attended a 5-day workshop from Gonçalo. He puts a lot of effort and creativity into his preparation and makes every session interesting. As a trainer, he is a great facilitator and a patient listener. I liked in his sessions how he visualized evidence-based models and made us understand difficult topics easily. He can easily engage everyone in his sessions. I appreciated a lot the reflection time where he invited us, participants, to share thoughts and step out of our comfort zone.

Irmengard Rodler

I had the privilege to work with Gonçalo for several times. We organized training events and delivered them together in different contexts and organizations. His passion for training and education is truly inspiring. He’s one of the most versatile trainers I’ve met. Despite his passion for data science, he’s able to deliver with excellent quality all types of training. Soft-skills, technical topics such as data science or machine learning, or even how to use poetry to manage your emotions. There is a connection in everything he does, and the content of all kinds of sessions he prepares is very rich and with different insights. He never forgets the human component that makes the difference in any kind of session. As a person, he’s extremely generous and humble. He has an inner desire to constantly self improve, and he values the feedback of everyone. Gonçalo is a passionate trainer and human being who loves to connect and share knowledge above all.

Catarina Rodrigues

Prior knowledge required

Participants should have a basic knowledge of Data Literacy, either by themselves or by attending the session “Data Science Demystified” in the agenda of OTF.
The session is more interesting for participants that work or are passionate about the areas of learning, training and education; but others can also benefit from it.

Length: 1,5h

Track: Digital skills

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