Creativity as a magical tool for problem-solving: Webinar about Design Thinking (24.01 18:00)


What would you say if we tell you that there is a method to solve all your problems – whether those are the ones in your community, workplace, or business-oriented things?

What would you say if we tell you that you are creative? Will you step back shyly or you can’t wait to express your ideas?

What would you say if we tell you that by co-creating solutions we can achieve great things?

Welcome to the session about a magical methodology – design thinking!

In this webinar, we will show you how great companies improve their businesses, test their ideas, and solve problems by using a simple 5-step approach. We will analyze in detail what each step represents and why it is important. After this webinar, you will be familiar with the applications of design thinking in various industries and motivated to use it to empower innovation in your community.

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By the end of the session participants are expected to:
  • Discern the 5 main steps of design thinking methodology.
  • Realize the applications of design thinking in industries and businesses.
  • Correlate design thinking with real-life applications.

Trainer: Jelisaveta Ilić

I have become a trainer in 2016. My passion for training led me to deliver sessions on many events round the world, including leadership-oriented sessions, Train-the-trainer programs, and various professional occasions in companies I have worked for.

The first session I delivered on design thinking was in May 2016, at a leadership-oriented event in Zagreb,  Croatia, when we have used the methodology to solve internal problems in our association. The perspective of focusing on the problem, rather on the solution, changing the perspective, and using our creative confidence, brought many interesting solutions to the table. Since then, the topics about creativity, innovation, and design thinking were the focus of my research. I have delivered several design thinking sessions with the aim to empower young people to solve community issues with the use of technology. The results were amazing: the “PAWssible” app used to find missing pets or “ecoLOG” app used to log the amount of garbage in the bins. My goal is to introduce design thinking to technical faculties and empower professors and students to use it more and thus, combine their creativity with technical knowledge. I am a huge fan of Stanford’s methodology and have been reading and attending many books and courses on this topic.

Trainer: Damir Kovačević

I am a software engineer by formal education with a passion for everything nontech related. That pushed me to explore training as a way to first learn and later teach about people-related skills.
So I have been doing the teaching part for 5 years now. Most of this time was spend delivering soft skills sessions as part EESTEC training team for students all around Europe.
For the last 2 years, I am also running my own software company. Through this experience, I have come to have an even deeper understanding of soft skills (especially in the workplace). It has also shifted me somewhat from interpersonal topics that I preferred in the past towards organizational topics, company culture, and organization design.
Right now I am also pursuing an MBA as part of Swiss School of Business and Management, with a specialization in creative thinking and innovation.

Prior knowledge required

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Length: 1,5h

Track: Career

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