Design Thinking for Beginners (21.01 18:00)


As a businessman you face a lot of challenges everyday. Some of them you take at the moment. But some problems seem to be too hard to cope with them alone.
Design Thinking will be an answer how to project innovative solution addressed to your business challenge.
Your focus on the need of end user. Your solution prototype. Your update based on end user’s feedback. It’s enough. Submit. And let’s meet.

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After the session participants will:

  • Recognize the necessity of identifying end-user need and motivation
  • Be able to shortly describe each step of the Design Thinking process
  • Find at least one opportunity to use Design Thinking in their daily work

Trainer: Mateusz Łapiński

Mateusz Łapiński. Firstly I listen.
Then I help to find a problem and create a solution.
As a PR & marketing consultant and public speaking trainer, I worked for i.e. P&G, Jim Beam, Tchibo, Toastmasters International, and European fertilizers manufacturer.

Now, collecting my previous experience, I work as a Design Thinking facilitator. I believe in the power of empathy – the base of the Design Thinking method and mindset as well as the key to understanding end-user needs and motivations. And I believe I will encourage you to do that same.

Prior knowledge required

No prior knowledge is required.

Length: 2,5h

Track: Entrepreneurship

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