Graphic Facilitation: Connecting the dots(18.01 14:00)


Can you draw? Yes? No? Whatever your answer is – you will learn in this session that the perception you have is just the beginning. We all together will learn that we already have way more skills than we thought. Yes we will cross out limitations using simple graphic recording techniques used worldwide by design thinking professionals and professionals in a graphic recording field. You will discover that there is a huge field filled with learning behind the moment when one takes pencil/marker/mouse in a hand. You will learn that connecting the dots through visuals might not be really easy, that it will require some time to master the skills though at the same time you will discover that it is far from being a rocket science. And after the session ends, everyone who will be participating in it will leave with the skills allowing them to creatively look at their own professional world. Agile, life coaches, trainers, teachers, managers and more who already went through training based on this concept can be wrong telling that it was joyful, little crazy but filled with knowledge and breakthroughs.
In the end, this session is far from complicated but filled with practice, discoveries and practical ideas which will ensure that everyone leaving this experience will  be able to do great visuals for any kind of presentation related moments.

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By the end of the session participants are expected to:
  • understand the principles behind Graphic recording 
  • be able to construct own visual content based on the gathered toolkit
  • have an action plan ready towards further graphical skills’ development.

Trainer: Milda Latakaite

Milda is a trainer, facilitator, coach, bestselling author and public speaker. Her passion towards connecting the dots through visuals developed since childhood. While discovering her path as a trainer she also noticed talents appearing towards graphic visualization and seeing it not only as beautiful drawing but rather as a great possibility to transfer the knowledge. Today She is sharing her findings and learnings with mainly young talented educators willing to develop their path as trainers.

Prior knowledge required

No prior knowledge is required

Length: 2,5h

Track: Learning Design

Amount of places: 24

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