How to make the most of being an online facilitator (22.01 18:00)


As facilitators we try to get attendees have the most effective and constructive time possible. We make sure we have insight into the programme, participants, organisational objectives, but what about our well being as facilitators. This session will focus on what we better focus on as facilitators to ensure we are in the best position to facilitate (best head space, best practical space)

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By the end of the session participants will:

  • Be more conscious of relevance of self-care to be an effective facilitator.
  • Have a concrete insight into what as facilitator we can do pre/ during/ post facilitation session for our wellbeing

Trainer: Rianne C ten Veen

I have been a (senior) facilitator and trainer for several years for several Erasmus+ virtual exchange partners, for example this year I have been a (co)trainer on several groups on the Advanced Facilitation Training (English and French) for Soliya, a facilitator on the Connect, First Year Connect (1YC) and Worldbank virtual exchange through Soliya, a parttime Fellow in Fall 2020 with Sharing Perspectives Foundation, a trainer and facilitator with UniCollaboration (e.g. training on virtual exchange of staff of a German University and virtual exchange facilitator on a number of their projects) and debate and post debate sessions with Anna Lindt Foundation. I am also a national expert for The Netherlands assessing Erasmus+ applications. I also work as an independent freelancer on interdisciplinary projects in the field of sustainable development (in personal life I refurbished my home from 1847 in a sustainable way – almost becoming most sustainable home of my province – and turning my garden into a model garden food forest) and disaster management.

Prior knowledge required

those who are existing facilitators would be the primary target for this workshop, if OK if those who have ambitions to be a facilitator join in to see if becoming a facilitator might be something for them

Length: 2,5h

Track: Learning Design

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