Learning how to continuously learn (recording)

Our lifespan is longer than it has ever been and our careers, plans and dream change continuously. What was new and innovative yesterday, tomorrow can be completely outdated and irrelevant, not to mention not interesting to us nor anybody aruond anymore. Nowadays, the quality of our life is as high as our ability to adapt to these changes and the ability to acquire new skills is no longer an option, but a necesity. Knowing this, shoudn’t we want to learn how to learn continuously?



By the end of the session participants will:

  • know some facts and data about lifelong learning
  • get into the basics about adults education and the newest trends in continuous / adult education

Trainer: Milena Janowska

With an MA degree in Lifelong Learning and Andragogy, I have been working with businesses and universities, delivering classes, organising educational events and conferences and, maybe even most importantly, talking and listening to people and learning about their experiences and needs as adults learners. Combining my knowledge in the fields of pedagogy and psychology, as well as my corporate and academic experience, I truly believe that learning continuously is a beautiful art and inevitable future.

Prior knowledge required

No prior knowledge required

Length: 1,5h

Track: Personal Growth

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