Resume, motivational letter, & interview power positioning tactics for success (recording)

Are you an independent thinker who is capable of leading a meaningful life, making sound choices and decisions, capable of working in teams, and who can respond creatively to a variety of challenges in your environment? Are you a self-motivated, lifelong learner who is empowered to enhance your own professional, entrepreneurial, and leadership skills?

Regardless of what stage of junior or senior studies/job/career hunter/between jobs/and or profession you are in now, it is crucial that potential recruiters believe that you hold passion, know what you want, and where heading. This webinar is specifically designed to ensure that you are viewed as a knowledgeable candidate in your field because it is essential to have the proper positioning, to begin with.

The aim is to ensure that you are always viewed as a well-defined (polished and worth investing in) candidate in your field. Therefore, if you have done your proper education, job, and created the image that you are a self-motivated, energetic, passionate, and creative candidate in your field, the future will embrace your mission, reputation, and career prospects will grow as a result. Accordingly, to get to this desired result, there are three effective ways for you to start planning, crafting, and build your career: 1-Tailor-made resume 2-well designed motivational / cover letter, 3-produce your social media material.

The most common, efficient, and effective way to get rated as an outstanding caliber is to show smart use of social media. If you see a live interview, read an outstanding cover letter, or hear about a professional performer, your first instinct is to believe that this person has a firm grip on the ins and outs of his/her service. Take advantage of attending this webinar enough to inspire you to create your career hunt’s competitive edge.


By the end of the session participants will:

  • learn more about your power positioning (scripting smart resume and attractive motivational letter) and how does it affect your career;
  • be aware of how attitude, appearance, actions, alertness, and words can influence your position progress;
  • quick tips on how some interview tactics for presentations, handling objections, closing a discussion, and following up can lead and increase your chances for success.

Trainer: Mahdi Kleibo

Mr. Kleibo’s background is in private sector development, institutional strengthening, and capacity building that ranges from advanced management to capacity development. He started working at Bethlehem University in the year 2012 as a full-time academic business lecturer. Following year his role enhanced to represent the External Academic Relations. Later on, he became the official Erasmus+ Projects, International Credit Mobility, Virtual Exchange Mobility Programs Coordinator, and Facilitator. His role is to engage his Home University with other institutions’ internationalization strategies and activities, channel the experiences of several different European universities committed to advancing quality training in internationalization for academics, staff, and students interested in internationalization agendas and activities within higher education institutions. On the side, Mr. Kleibo subcontracted with several local and international partners from the private, public, and governmental sectors on a freelance training and consultancy basis, specializing in synergy, globalization, internationalization, modernization, and individualization entrepreneurship, institutionalization, and drafting strategic plans.

Prior knowledge required

No prior knowledge is required

Length: 1,5h

Track: Career

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