Working with “no”s – How to turn failing negotiations around (19.01 18:00)


Ever received a “No” while negotiating, and it felt like a dead-end? Utterly destroying your “yes”-slide and all your negotiation preparations?
But what if a “no” is the better “yes”? A firm launch pad instead of that dead-end street?

This training will show you the benefits and advantages of a “no” and how to carefully and ethically negotiate the foundations for long-lasting cooperations.

Exchanging together, you will learn how to create precise “no”-oriented questions to explore your counterpart’s needs and wishes. You will experience how to deal with the initial impact of a devastating “no” and learn how to transform it into an opportunity for success on both sides.

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By the end of the session, participants will be able to:

  • Uncover any insecure “yes”, to avoid a pseudo success lacking accountability.
  • Understand any “no” as a concrete & real starting point rather than a dead-end street.
  • Handle the impact of a “no” in a negotiation positively and productively.
  • Create “no”-oriented question sets to explore their counterpart’s needs and wishes.
  • Work with the information uncovered to modify or create an appealing offer for both sides.
  • Start from any “no” to eventually reach a common conclusion and/or cooperation that lasts.

Trainer: Philipp Effenberger

Certified counselor and corporate trainer, and at the core: empathic coach. Philipp found his passion in creating powerful, prosperous, and healthy mindsets. He does this by verifying, adjusting, and continuously improving – online or offline.

He enjoys connecting theory & practice with experience. And as a former IT expert and translation studies graduate, he is used to bridging conflicting ideas to international audiences and distill unified actionable processes.

Philipp loves working with people who value the power of growth. That includes young professionals, experienced entrepreneurs, and seasons executives – he supports you in optimizing your mindset and getting that best version of yourself.

Prior knowledge required

Previous experience in negotiation is recommended.

Length: 2,5h

Track: Career

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