Your inner story debunked (22.01 14:00)


If there are too many thoughts in your head that keep you stuck or procrastinating, even if you have all the other things figured out for you to take action, you might need to pause and uncover who are the voices that keep you from doing your best. Sometimes we can’t take a decision because there are many things going on within ourselves. There might be your parents voice, your inner critique, the social pressures, your playfulness that just can’t seem to align so you are at peace with yourself. Uncovering your inner voices will get you having more power on your thoughts, and so, more energy and motivation to move on. Let’s uncover the story behind each voice, together.

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By the end of the session participants are expected to:

  •  define the concept of the inner voice and how it is part of our thoughts;
  •  identify and list up to 10 elements of their inner voices;
  •  evaluate and point to the elements of their inner voice that supports them and what is challenging them;
  •  create their own map of their inner voices in the session;
  •  justify certain personal behaviours based on their map.

Trainer: Flori Coceanu

I my personal discovery process, since 2011 i was part of different therapies and self development trainings in order to find what is my drive, what can I bring to this world that would highlight the best of my abilities. Since 2017 I have been developing my practice as a career counselor and I discovered that most of the difficulties or challenges that make us feel stuck or unclear about what we want is not having the time and the space to check ourselves out and discover our inner abilities. This way I started supporting teens, young professionals but also grown ups to have this types of conversations and their stories revealed to themselves with a lot of ease. Today’s world provides us with the knowledge and the resources to do what we want but it does not help too much on working out our mind and use it to support us and that is why most of the times people get depressed and demotivated because they can’t figure out themselves. What i am doing is to put some light into the topic of self discovery and provide them with some tools or information so they figure out their path.

Prior knowledge required

No prior knowledge is required. All participants should join from PC, with camera on 🙂

Length: 1,5h

Track:Personal growth

Amount of places: 32

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